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i imagine that with a little help from alcohol leo would one day just snap from ezio’s decades-long dumbassery and blindness and demonstrate exactly what he meant by “women provide little distraction”

im gonna be 80 years old and still be crying over these two

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Anonymous asked: ((A short fic for your art!)) "Levi, what are you-" Erwin held on tightly to the inflatable crocodile's handle as Levi clamored on board amidst protesting squeaks from the reptilian toy. "This thing is huge enough to fit the both of us," Levi removed his now unneeded floaties and chucked them as he settled behind Erwin, straddling his upper thighs. "Besides, you look sexy as fuck in these. Damn." (cont.)

Erwin groaned and arched his back as Levi’s hands smoothed over his ass before he unceremoniously pushed down his swim trunks. Levi leaned forward to whisper in Erwin’s ear, and the commander felt every hair on him stand on edge as Levi’s erection pressed against his now bare ass. “You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to fuck you all day. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.” He keened at this, already aroused as Levi licked a long, torturously slow trail down his back.

Erwin rested the side of his face on the plastic crocodile’s neck and looked back towards the other man through half-lidded eyes, anxious for what was next. A rare chuckle. The captain spat into his hand, then spread it over his cock. “You want me so bad that I bet I don’t even have to prepare you.” And with that, he positioned himself at Erwin’s entrance and slid in roughly with a single thrust.

Erwin’s yells of pleasure could be heard from a mile away, and drowned even the distressed squeaks coming from the inflatable crocodile and the slapping of the plastic against water. Levi’s thrusts were unrelentless right from the beginning, expertly angling down to that spot he knew so well. Erwin was in a state of pure bliss. However this was cut short when he noticed that they had somehow gotten closer to the water.

A sense of pure dread flooded him. “L-Levi, I think it’s deflating,” the commander barely managed to croak out.The other man stopped his movements immediately and exclamed. “..SHIT!!” Throughout the ordeal they had drifted far away from the shore, and drowned. The end.


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wrong anime

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i headcanon that bc Farlan and Isabel were the first people to die due to Erwin’s decisions (forcing them to join the survey corps, before he was commander) it affected him badly guilt-wise but showed his vulnerable side to Levi, enough for Levi to start to truly trust him. ever since then they are sad together in post-mission private hurt/comfort meetings because they are the league of top secret softies.
i was going to scrap this but days after i sketched this out ALL MY GUILTY SADWIN HEADCANONS WERE CONFIRMEd *exposes soft 5x damage weak point aka belly* end me

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Bottom!Erwin week/Day 4: travel

wow late as fuck but w/e. i had this sketched out since tuesday but didnt get to it until now because midterms

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Bottom!Erwin week/Day 3: bolo tie

bf’s birthday was yesterday so a bit late.

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Bottom!Erwin week/Day 2: food

remember to keep your Commander well-fed !

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Bottom!Erwin week/Day 1: on the job

lmao bye

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yeah its gonna be May 5th-11th yoooooo

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